Here are some trending restaurants in London that are pretty on top of delicious

In the digital era we are living in, where presentation and visuals are essential factors even in the meals we eat, these elegant eateries tick all the right boxes, both flavorful and gorgeous.

In terms of novelty pop-ups and new things to try, Soho is distinctly one of the components of the British capital where you will invariably discover something exciting, with quite a lot of the trendy restaurants London has to offer being based in this area. Even so, some older organisations are also based below, and their success due to an excellent quality of genuine food suggests that they are not likely to move anytime soon. Inspired by the homonymous deli store only a few streets away, Lionel Real de Azúa has designed the iconic interiors of one of the finest pasta spots in the city: with its particular green and white stripes, this cosy colour-coordinated restaurant presents some genuinely exciting dishes, and is often taken into consideration one of the must try restaurants in London. Only think of how you will be able to brag about your delicious dish on social media, with some equally breath-taking pictures!

Some of the best special occasion restaurants in this city are frequently located in areas that are still quite central, but not as hectic as your normal tourist spot would be. In these quieter districts you can discover the gem of French cuisine of which Guillaume Dunos is a chef: with the main establishment in the gorgeous residential district near the park in the northern side of London, and a smaller eatery near the enchanting market street in Clerkenwell, you will be able to taste some exciting modern French tastes in creative dishes, along with some traditional options such as fondue or assorted cheese platters. The bucolic aesthetics and the comfy and cosy feeling make it perhaps one of the most iconic London restaurants, perfect for a date or a catch-up with friends.

If you are searching for assorted fashionable restaurants London has to offer, an amazing location to contemplate is indeed one among its most elegant areas. Being the homeland and birthplace of several stylistic movements throughout the last century, Chelsea is certainly an area to look out for: as it is perhaps not going to be as tourist-filled as the more central spaces of the city, it is the very best place if you are hunting for someplace quieter and reserved but at the same time very sophisticated. Part of the coolest new restaurants in London are based below, for instance Sally Greene’s latest project, which presents standard elements of English cuisine in a refined and innovative form, with a stylish cocktail bar to continue your evening after your meal. The gorgeous interior design and incredible place will let you spend an evening with a loved one in an intimate yet elegant setting, ideal if you want to celebrate a unique occasion.

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